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Nomkus: Norges Multikulturelle Senter. Etablert i 2018. Du finner oss i Kvinesdal og i Kristiansand!


Norwegian Multicultural Center

We live in an ever-growing and multicultural society. The team at Norway's Multicultural Center (NOMKUS) loves culture!

The Norwegian Multicultural Center is a multicultural team that offers courses, online teaching, seminars, lectures and interpreting services, with integration as a field.

Mission Statement

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Work with us and make a difference

Through the Norwegian Multicultural Center, we, close to 80 people, want to show the positive side of diversity. Our work draws on the UN's human rights, and according to our common values of equality, empathy and respect.

We want to be a meeting place that builds bridges between different environments, and represents the real picture in the immigration debate: Committed friendly people who are a great resource for our country, and help new ones who will be the same, regardless of political standings, religious affiliation, ethnicity, and such.

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Melinda Kvinlaug

I was born in Norway, and grew up in Kvinesdal. Since 2001, I have had the pleasure of having a job where I can meet new people who come to our country. I have worked as a reception manager, return consultant, information and settlement manager etc.

In the period 2011-2013, I was fortunate enough to be included in Innovation Norway's mentor program for business start-up, Kvinnovasjon Sørlandet together with 20 other women entrepreneurs in Agder, combined with a study in Career Guidance towards establishing your own company. From sole proprietorships, to Melinda Gateway AS, to Norges Multikulturelle Senter AS. It's all about integration, and helping newcomers to our country to find a good place to belong here.

At Nomkus, I work as a general manager. My job is mainly about organizing and disseminating the unique professional competence and experience our employees possess. Otherwise, I have overall responsibility for the daily operations, personnel, HSE and am the contact person for our supporters, partners, customers and clients.

As a former municipal and county politician, I know how important it is for society that we are able to use the competence and experience of those who come to our country as asylum seekers and refugees. And as a former receptionist, I know how important it is for the people who come here to be able to contribute and get recognition for their own efforts. Multicultural Norway can be a formidable resource for our country.

Melinda Kvinlaug: grunnlegger av Norges Multikulturelle Senter


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