About Norway's Multicultural Centre (Nomkus)

On the 25th of May 2018, we invited friends, collaborators and supporters to join us in a celebratory event to launch Norway's Centre of Multiculture, or Nomkus for short. The event took place in Kvinesdal Kulturhus. Our lovely friend and director Khosar Heh later gifted us with this wonderful video compilation from the event!

Norway's Centre of Multiculture is built on the UN Human Rights. We're a multicultural team offering workshops and seminars, translators and translation services, online education, -all within our speciality: integration.

We live in a continously evolving and multicultural society. The team at Nomkus loves culture!


About Norway's Multicultural Centre

Norway’s Multicultural Centre is a multicultural team offering workshops, online education, seminars, lectures and translation services, with integration as our specialism. Our team consists of individuals from 39 countries, 43 languages, ages 18-83, and with a rich variety of subject knowledge, experience, beliefs and political values.


Norway's Multicultural Centre, formerly Melinda Gateway, was built on the belief that people who have themselves been through an integration process to a new society are the ones who should be teaching integration. We work with people from all over the world, most of whom have arrived in Norway through centres for asylum seekers, and have had experience first hand of finding a new home in Norway.


Our office is based in the small and energetic community of Kvinesdal, located in the South of Norway. Our inspiring and lovely crew of workshop instructors, seminar speakers and translators travel all over the country to introduce information in positive, new and innovating ways.


We live in a continuously evolving, multicultural society. The team at Norway’s Multicultural Centre love culture! Our Nomkus Team consists of dedicated, skillful and inspiring individuals who want to help newcomers find a home in Norway.


An understanding of culture can work wonders in the process of integration, and cultivate a sense of belonging in a community. We work to nurture knowledge and develop cultural understanding, both in the direction of people coming into Norway and of Norwegians as forthcomers.

Thank you for visiting. We hope to hear from you!

Kind regards,
The team at Norway’s Multicultural Centre.