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Hi, and welcome to Norway’s Centre of Multiculture, or Nomkus. My name is Melinda, and I am the founder of the centre. Nomkus is built on the idea that the people most suited to work with integration are the ones that have previously gone through an integration process themselves. Our team consists of coworkers from over 40 countries.

Each member of the Nomkus team contributes with his, her or their unique skillset. Both in relation to education, subject knowledge and experience. Here at Nomkus, we put a strong focus on utilising all the skills available to us. I have spent fifteen years working in centres for asylum seekers. Here at Nomkus, we have chosen to develop course modules in order to convey information to a wider range of relevant languages. Our courses cover lots of subjects, among which are: laws and regulations, economy, health, recycling and material sorting, and more.

In addition, Nomkus also offers language and culture translators, teaching assistants for minority languages, guidance for businesses and international trade, and more.

We are an energetic team at Nomkus, and together we wish to contribute to create a more lighthearted and welcoming integration experience for our new citizens. Thank you for choosing to visit Norway’s Centre of Multiculture! We hope to see you again soon.

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Nomkus sin Personvernspolise er tilgjengelig via nomkus.com/personvern.