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Welcome to the Sitemap. This page will give you an overview of the different departments inside our main menu. If you ended up here by accident, chances are there was something wrong with the link you clicked. Hopefully this sitemap will be able to help you while we're repairing the problem. If you're in need of further assistance, please don't hessitate to contact us at

About Us

Under the "About Us" tab you'll find information about Nomkus: Norway's Multicultural Centre, who we are and what we do. Under "Meet the Team" you can read about individual Nomkus Team-members who have helped make Nomkus what it is today.

  • Meet the Team!
  • Nomkus Supporters
  • Nomkus Collaborators
  • We Support
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • Privacy and Cookies


Nomkus Gallery

Under "Nomkus Gallery" you will find individual photo galleries from Norway's Centre of Multiculture.

  • Daily Life at Nomkus
  • Nomkus Behind the Scenes
  • Past Workshops and Events



Under "Translators" you can read about and order our translator services. Nomkus offer both language and culture translators, and you have the choice between phone, screen or in-person translators.

  • Order Translator


Products and Services

Under "Products and Services" you'll find information about products and services by Norway's Multicultural Centre. Furtest down in the menu is the "Order" tab, where you can send in a request for one or more of our services.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Overview of our Nomkus workshop and seminar modules.
  • Translation Services: Our Nomkus translation service can help you out with both language translators and culture translators. You have the choice between phone, screen or in-person translation.
  • Nomkus eLearning Portal: introduction to our Nomkus eLearning Portal.
  • Guidance for International Business and Staff: introduction to our coaching services for companies who want to expand their business abroad.
  • Order: an order form that lets you request one or more of our services. You can also contact us by phone (see form).


Nomkus eLearning Portal

If you're signed in as a Nomkus-user, you'll be able to see this tab. This is where you find access to the Nomkus Video Library, Nomkus Infographics Library and the Nomkus Exams. Looking for your Nomkus Certificate? Go to Nomkus Exams, select your topic, and you should get a tab saying "view my certificate".

  • Nomkus Video Library
  • Nomkus Infographics Library
  • Nomkus Exams


Cart / Shopping Cart

If you've added anything to your shopping cart, you can find it in the "Cart" tab.


We hope our Nomkus Sitemap has been able to help you find what you were looking for! Please get in touch via email at if you require further assistance :)

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