Welcome to the Nomkus eLearning Portal

Welcome to the Nomkus eLearning Portal. This page is intended to give you an overview at the learning tools available to you, and how to navigate the Nomkus eLearning Portal.

Your Learning Tools:

As a Nomkus student, you now have access to all of our online courses. Each of our courses consists of three main components:


Each course has a video playlist introducing the courses learning material.


Infographics are similar to comic strips and illustrated instruction manuals. Each course has an archive of infographic guides which expand on the topics introduced in the video courses.


Put your knowledge to the test with the Nomkus Exams! Each Nomkus online course has a corresponding exam where you can test how well you remember the course information. Once you have completed a Nomkus Exam, you will be rewarded with a printable course certificate which you can add to your CV and home applications.

Navigation in the Nomkus eLearning Portal

Video courses, infographics and exams are all available through the main menu, under the tab "Nomkus eLearning Portal":

Nomkus Video Courses

To navigate to the Video Courses front page, select "Nomkus eLearning Portal""Watch Video Courses" from the main menu.

On the Video Courses front page, you can choose which topic you want to explore:

When you select a course, you will be taken to an overview of that course's videos. Here, you can pick which one you wish to begin with. If you've never visited this course before, we recommend you start with the top one and work your way through down through the list:

Once you've selected a chapter to start with, a new page will load with your video.

Once you've finished watching the video, you can move on to the next chapter:

Or choose to return to the course's main page:

Nomkus Infographics

The Nomkus Infographics Library is navigated exactly as the video course pages, but rather than taking you to a video page, you'll be taken to a sequence of images and text:

You can proceed to the next chapter at the bottom of the page, just as before: