Workshops and Seminars

About Nomkus workshops and seminars

Workshops and seminars from Norway's Centre of Multiculture are tailored to properly handle the conveying of important information connected to integration and settling into a new country. Our carefully constructed modules are developed by and in collaboration with people who themselves have undergone the integration process in Norway, supporting one of the pillars of Nomkus: Those who have themselves been integrated are the most qualified to work with integration.

Qualifications and Experience

The team at Norway's Centre of Multiculture has a rich variety of backgrounds. Most of our team members combine Nomkus contracts with other jobs. For instance, we have mentors with an education within socionomy, pedagogic, social anthropology, economy, social science, and law. In addition to education, most of our team members have a non-Norwegian nationality background, thus practical experience in integrating into a new country and society. Most of our team members are multilingual, and some have quite a long practical experience within multicultural work, such as working in centres for asylum seekers.

When developing new workshop modules, Nomkus will enter agreements or collaborations with external professionals within the subject of interest. Examples might be representatives from a bank, insurance companies, fire departments, waste and recycling specialists, landlords, representatives from the police department or child services, charitable organisations, mayors or other elected representatives, and more.

The dedicated team at Norway's Centre of Multiculture travels all over the country to deliver workshops and seminars! Not only are our modules developed to convey relevant information effectively, but we also place a huge focus on empowering students with self-confidence and motivation to continue learning.

Made-to-order and tailored leaning modules. Get in touch!

Nomkus can offer both custom and made-to-go workshops and seminars. We can tailor a modul fit for your business. To get in touch, you can call or email using the contact information below, or send in a request form.

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