Business Establishment


Norway's Centre of Multiculture's course module about business establishment is devided in to steps:

  • Step 1: Idea development, local authority in the municipality, rewiew of registrating on Altinn, coaching to development of businessplan and information about different support arrangement.
  • Step 2: Regulations, taxes and VAT, employees, work fee, payment, insurance, food safety authority and labor inspection, work enviroment act, wage regulations, employees rights, employers liability.

Norway's Centre of Multiculture has years of experience of organizing courses as a part of a year-round plan for participants in introduction and training programs. We can put together programs for 1-4 weeks or 1-3 days, all adapted to your business' individual requirements. 

Norway's Centre of Multiculture also offers tailored courses and seminars, perfectly costumized for your business. You can send us a booking request about this through the form below, and also request any of our ready-made courses.

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