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Nomkus eLæreportal av Norges Multikulturelle Senter

Nomkus: Integration online!

The above video gives you a small teaser of what Nomkus eLearning Portal contains. All our course subjects are custom designed to convey information to people who are moving into the Norwegian society for the first time, i.e. people enrolled in asylum programs or centres for asylum seekers. Norway's Multicultural Centre wants to make the integration process easier and more lighthearted, and we believe an important key to this is to make information available in multiple languages. All our courses are available in Norwegian, English and Arabic, and we're working hard to translate to more languages!


Online tuition

Online tuition is a fantastic way of making learning material available to students so they can check it out when it bests suits them individually! Nomkus eLearning Portal is a digital teaching portal developed by Norway's Multicultural Centre. The portal contains video courses and infographics guides custom developed for those who are meeting the Norwegian society for the first time.

Nomkus eLearning Portal is a new service, and is currently undergoing user-testing. Digital education makes it possible to use multimedia tools such as video, animation, infographics and interactive questionaires in our teaching methods. The current Nomkus eLearning Portal has four modules, with four more under production.


Themes and modules

All current courses in the Nomkus eLearning Portal are children of the main theme "Caring for your home":

  • Cleaning of Norwegian Homes
  • Maintenance of Norwegian Homes
  • Recycling in Norway
  • Fire and Safety

Learning modules currently in production will not belong to the Caring for your home theme, but will instead explore new and equally relevant topics.


Hello world!

Norway's Multicultural Centre is working hard to make our Nomkus eLearning Portal the best it can be! We are very interested in user testers, and can offer memberships to the portal at discounted rates to organizations and businesses who are interested in helping out. If you think you and your organization might be interested in this, please contact us via email at :)


Nomkus eLæreportal

Nettundervisning fra Norges Multikulturelle Senter

A membership to the Nomkus eLearning Portal gives you access to our one-of-a-kind learning modules specifically designed to ease the integration process into Norwegian society, and to provide a more positive experience. Please have a look at the full breakdown of features further down on this page.


As a Nomkus Student, you have full access to some of our newest and most exciting learning tools:


Nomkus Video Courses

has a selection of video courses currently available in English, Norwegian and Arabic, with more languages coming up in the future. Current topics relate to Norwegian residences, and are divided into four categories:

Cleaning of Norgegian Homes
Maintenance of Norgegian Homes
Recycling in Norway
Fire and Safety


The Nomkus Infographics Library

contain visual guides supporting the content in the Nomkus Video Courses, and also introduce new content. These are great for preparing for:


The Nomkus Exams!

The Nomkus Exams page offers an exam in each video course topic offered in the Nomkus eLearning Portal. This is a great way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, and once you ace your Nomkus Exam you will receive a printable Nomkus Certificate of Completion!


The Nomkus Certificates of Completion

are rewarded to Nomkus Students upon successful completion of a Nomkus Exam. Your certificate will be created with your full name printed on it (the name you used to register at and sent to the email address you used to register at


The Nomkus Monthly Webinar Series

Commencing in August 2018, Nomkus will hold monthly webinars which each covers a different topic related to moving to and living in Norway. You, as a Nomkus Student, will have full access to these live streamings all throughout your membership, and will also have full access to the Nomkus Webinar Archive where all past webinars will be published.

Details about the Nomkus Webinars will be published closer to the launch.


Full access to new Nomkus eLearning Portal content

As a Nomkus Student, you will have full access to new learning modules from the day they are published at We have several learning modules currently in production, and we're very excited to show them to you! In the meanwhile, we want to wish you a warm welcome to the Nomkus eLearning family.  We are so happy to have you with us, and hope you will find the Nomkus eLearning Portal useful and informative.


Happy learning!



The team at Nomkus: Norway's Multicultural Centre