Information for Caretakers


There is no universal way to raise kids, but there is some national and international laws that has to be held in Norway.

Norway's Centre of Multiculture's course module for caretakers is based on FNs childconvension and child welfare act. The course focuses on that children in multicultural enviroments, specialy newly arrived refugees that may not know these laws and rules, gets raised as good as possible.

Our course mondule brings up relavance theams linked to child rearing in Norway, laws and cultural codes in the community. For example, related to challenges and conflicts minority parents can meet in the norwegian system, and that the children often get a stronger affiliation to Norway, than what the parents will have. Parents will get knowledge and learn easy techniques in child rearing. Especially will parents find a good multicultural balance that is about beeing safe supervisors for the children.  

Norway's Centre of Multiculture's course mondule for caretakers contains important information withing:

  • Two-cultural child rearing.
  • Nurturer violence and family violence.
  • Sosial media.
  • Setting limits.
  • Comunication.

Norway's Centre of Multiculture has ICDP-sertified supervisors and lecturers. We also have many years of experiance by holding courses to parents with miority background, thereof UDI-course "Parents in Norway" and the program "Love and Bounderies" for studfents and parents.

Norway's Centre of Multiculture has years of experience of organizing courses as a part of a year-round plan for participants in introduction and training programs. We can put together programs for 1-4 weeks or 1-3 days, all adapted to your business' individual requirements. 

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