Service and Sales Foundation


Norway's Centre of Multiculture's Service and Sales Foundation module contains important practice training and dissemination of information within:

  • Casheer and bankterminal.
  • Coustumerservice.
  • Pricing of goods.
  • Storage and inventory.
  • Service and attitude.

Pre-cours to service and sale class is a practical mondule that has been specialy developed to give participants good qualifications to apply for a job or practice training within service industy, and can also be helpfull as an pre-course as aproovement to further education.

Norway's Centre of Multiculture has years of experience of organizing courses as a part of a year-round plan for participants in introduction and training programs. We can put together programs for 1-4 weeks or 1-3 days, all adapted to your business' individual requirements. 

Norway's Centre of Multiculture also offers tailored courses and seminars, perfectly costumized for your business. You can send us a booking request about this through the form below, and also request any of our ready-made courses.

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